Treating Panic Attacks with Acupuncture

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Panic Attacks in Las Vegas, NV

When you are looking for treatment for panic attacks in Las Vegas, Lok Acupuncture Clinic has the relief you are seeking. Through the use of gentle acupuncture techniques, Dr. Lok has been treating panic attacks in Las Vegas for over 35 years.  Acupuncture works by restoring balance to the body as there are certain acupuncture points on the body that are stimulated to help relieve anxiety symptoms.

Panic Attack Treatment with Lok Acupuncture Clinic

In order to treat panic attacks or general anxiety, Dr. Lok will first take a comprehensive history of your symptoms. While Las Vegas anxiety treatment is similar patient to patient, each person has distinct symptoms for which they may be seeking relief. After you talk with Dr. Lok, you will either be seated or lying down to receive your acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment is Painless

Acupuncture is a great complementary therapy for people who are suffering from anxiety, as it can be used in conjunction with more traditional therapies. There are no medications used, so acupuncture isn’t going to interact with other treatments. While needles are used, it’s important to understand that the needles are as thick as a human hair, and they do not hurt when they are inserted.

Relief from Pain Attacks

When you are suffering from panic attacks, relief is available through acupuncture. While it may feel overwhelming to make an appointment, you will feel much calmer once the treatment begins. Acupuncture has been around for centuries, much longer than today’s traditional, western medicine. It has been proven effective at treating all kinds of illnesses, and it is specifically useful in cases of anxiety when the patient is having trouble finding a sense of balance.

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