Struggling with Acute Chronic Bronchitis?

Struggling With Bronchitis in Las Vegas?

A painful cough that never seems to subside, the excess mucus, the low-grade fever, and breathing difficulties — these are all telltale of the inflammation of the bronchial tubes known as bronchitis. This condition may strike as an acute problem related to a viral/bacterial infection, or it may be a longstanding chronic issue caused by environmental toxins or underlying respiratory diseases. But how can you rid yourself of bronchitis? Your solution may lie in ancient healing techniques from our acupuncturist in Las Vegas, Dr. Peter Lok.

Eastern vs. Western Approaches to Bronchitis Treatment

Western medicine can sometimes take a relatively superficial approach toward bronchitis care in that it addresses the immediate symptoms and issues — instead of why your body is abnormally prone to them. While medications such as antibiotics may work for acute bacterial bronchitis, the antibiotics themselves can prove harmful in the long term. Steroids and other drugs to reduce inflammation also have their undesirable side effects. Once you’ve had all you can safely take of these treatments, there’s not much more Western medicine can do for you.

By contrast, the Eastern approach represented by Traditional Chinese medicine bases its corrective work on normalizing your physical function so your body can heal itself. Our acupuncturist in Las Vegas performs a careful examination to look for imbalances interpreted as:

  • Lung Wind Invasion
  • Lung dampness (hot or cold)
  • Lung and/or spleen Qi deficiency
  • Spleen and/or kidney Yang deficiency

This diagnosis tells us which acupuncture points must be needed to correct the energy flow in your body, reducing inflammation and restoring your ability to breathe easily. Studies have shown that the use of different acupuncture combinations treated bronchitis successfully in 83.3 to 90 percent of patients.

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How long have you had your bronchitis? How has it impacted your everyday life?

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