Frequently Asked Questions about Electro Acupuncture in Las Vegas

Electro acupuncture is similar to traditional acupuncture but uses electrical stimulation to provide a gentle pulse through needles. This pulse stimulates specific points along with body. Studies suggest that this electric stimulation may be able to shorten the length of treatment sessions while delivering enhanced results for patients. Could electro acupuncture be right for your pain management needs? Below, our wellness team answers five of our patients’ most frequently asked questions about electro acupuncture.

#1: What is electro acupuncture?

Electro acupuncture is a term used for the pulsating electrical current through acupuncture needles or directly to acupuncture points on the body. Based on the Ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture, electro acupuncture first developed in the 1930s in China. Just like traditional acupuncture, electro acupuncture is based on the belief that a person’s life force (known as the “qi”) runs through the body along certain meridians. Blockages in these meridians can lead to pain, illness and general poor health. Traditionally, acupuncture needles were used to stimulate specific pressure points on the body that corresponded with the meridians; this stimulation relieved blockages in the chi for enhanced wellness. Today, scientists understand that the Ancient Chinese concept of the “qi” is similar to our concept of the central nervous system. By stimulating the central nervous system, acupuncture stimulates specific physiological responses in the body, such as the increased release of endorphins, which minimizes pain.

#2: How is electro acupuncture different from traditional acupuncture?.

During electro acupuncture, long thin needles are still inserted at specific pressure points along the body. However, attached to the needles is a small electrode that provides a gentle, soothing vibration. This vibration stimulates the qi that runs through these points. Additionally, the use of an electrode eliminates the need for the practitioner to maneuver the needle to activate the acupuncture point; instead, patients receive precisely the right amount of stimulation.

#3: Who is a good candidate for electro acupuncture?

Electro acupuncture may be used as part of any acupuncture treatment. In particular, electro acupuncture is effective for treating neurological diseases, chronic pain, muscle spasms and paralysis. If you have recently sustained a sports injury, electro acupuncture can help promote the flow of fresh, oxygen rich blood to the injury site, which is essential for healing.

#4: Is electro acupuncture painful?

No; electro acupuncture is generally a pain-free experience. Just like regular acupuncture, you may experience an initial prick when the needle is placed in the pressure point. However, this sensation is temporary. Most patients find the pulsing electrode to be very soothing and relaxing.

#5: How many treatment sessions will I need?

Since every individual experiences pain differently, our team will create a custom treatment program designed to match your specific wellness needs. In general, we find that patients benefit from a series of sessions over 4 to 10 weeks for maximum results. Some patients experience pain relief immediately after the first treatment session; others may need additional sessions.

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