The Benefits of Electro-Acupuncture in Las Vegas

If you have any previous familiarity with traditional acupuncture, then you may already know that this ancient healing technique still holds considerable appeal for its ability to relieve pain, improve nerve function and boost overall health. But even the most robust old methods can be enhanced by modern technology. Electro-acupuncture is a great example — and we offer this advanced service here at Peter Lok Acupuncture in Las Vegas.

Electro-acupuncture holds to the same basic principles as the traditional acupuncture perfected in China thousands of years ago. These principles emphasize the stimulation of specific points on the body that can influence the flow of qi, or life energy, throughout the body. Ancient healers stated that when anything interfered with the normal flow of qi, pain or illness was the result. Restoring the normal qi flow could reverse these symptoms and restore proper health. Acupuncture practitioners effect this change by inserting tiny needles into the relevant acupuncture points and fine-tuning their position until the qi is properly redirected. In terms of modern Western medicine, these points alter the function of nearby nerve bundles, improving their ability to relay nerve signals correctly. The needles also stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural painkilling chemicals, enabling many chronic pain patients to treat their conditions without relying on drugs.

Electro-acupuncture brings some powerful refinements to this already-powerful modality. Hair-thin needles are still inserted in the skin according to tradition, but each needle is attached to a separate electrode. A tiny amount of electrical current is sent through the needle after insertion. This safe, controlled electrical signal causes the needle to vibrate very slightly, creating the same effect as adjusting the needle positions through tiny hand manipulations. The addition of electricity thus provides a more uniform fine-tuning of the needles so that your acupuncture points always receive precisely the right amount of stimulation. This in turn allows for shorter, more productive sessions.

Peter Lok Acupuncture Services in Las Vegas

Here at Peter Lok Acupuncture, we use electro-acupuncture to treat the same rang of ailments that we might use traditional acupuncture on. For instance, if you’ve suffered a sports injury, the stimulation provided by the electrified needles can increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in the injured area, resulting in welcome pain relief and faster healing. Chronic pain sufferers will love having a drug-free, surgery-free way to keep their pain under control. If you are dealing with a neurological condition that produces muscle spasms or even localized paralysis, you may be amazed by electro-acupuncture’s ability to help your body communicate with itself more normally.

Like its traditional counterpart, electro-acupuncture produces no significant discomfort while providing significant symptom relief — sometimes in a single session, but more frequently over the course of multiple sessions. Our acupuncturist can evaluate your current symptoms, medical history and state of health to determine whether you’re a good candidate for this particular healing technique. Contact Peter Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas today at (702) 732-0178 to schedule an appointment!