Cupping Therapy at Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas

A Natural Complement to Las Vegas Acupuncture

If you’ve had a Las Vegas acupuncture treatment in the past, then you already know how this ancient form of healing can relieve pain and help the body recover from a variety of illnesses and injuries. In that case, you’ll no doubt be excited to learn that another ancient technique called cupping serves as a natural complement to acupuncture and other therapies. Better yet, you can get this therapy here at Peter Lok Acupuncture, our Las Vegas acupuncture clinic.

Cupping works on the same basic principle as acupuncture — the stimulation of specific points along energy lines known as meridians. These meridians convey qi, or life energy, throughout the body; interruptions to the balanced flow of energy due to stress, disease, or injury can result in pain and other forms of impairment. Instead of redirecting the energy flow through the insertion of needles, cupping employs negative or vacuum pressure from glass or bamboo cups placed along the meridians of the back.

You may find a cupping treatment similar in some respects to a massage therapy session. You will lie on a treatment table while our Las Vegas acupuncture practitioner, Dr. Peter Lok, prepares and positions the cups. While the exact method of creating negative pressure inside the cup can vary, a few approaches in particular have become standard practice. All of these methods involving heating the air inside the cup. For example, we may apply isopropyl alcohol to the underside of the cup and then place the treated cup over the flame. The alcohol burns away, removing oxygen and air pressure. We then immediately place the cup over one of the spinal meridians. Several cups at a time can be placed in this manner. Once the cups are in position we glide them slowly along the meridians, which exerts a gentle upward pulling force on the skin and underlying tissues.

Cupping does not hurt; on the contrary, it can be quite relaxing. At the same time, however, it can manipulate tissues as deep as four inches down, stimulating blood and lymph flow, relaxing tight muscles and soothing the nervous system.

Cupping at our Las Vegas acupuncture clinic can help you overcome a variety of health complaints. Its soothing effects make it highly effective against many forms of chronic pain, including rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. As a nerve tonic it provides natural, drug-free relief from anxiety-related discomfort. Cupping also works well as a general “unblocking” technique, helping to clear away lung congestion and facilitating the release of toxins. Its ability to stimulate the circulation promotes faster and more complete tissue healing while also supporting your body’s immune response.

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