When you make an appointment for an acupuncture treatment, your therapist will use a series of very fine needles to stimulate various areas of the body, both on the surface and sub-cutaneous (under the skin). Dr. Lok uses this technique to encourage your body to produce natural pain-fighting chemicals, allowing you to experience a better quality of life without pain medications, or with less medication than you’ve previously needed. When you’re in the capable hands of our Las Vegas acupuncture practice, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that professional techniques are battling your aches and pains, one carefully-applied needle at a time.


A unique treatment for aching muscles or back pain, cupping involves the use of small glass cups, heated air and a suction effect to produce relaxing, blood-stimulating effects similar to a massage. This is achieved by using warm air, often by lighting a quick, safe dab of isopropyl alcohol on fire and snuffing it out against the skin with the cups. This treatment is highly effective but requires precise training, which is why you should consult a professional like Dr. Lok if you’d like to try cupping for yourself. As the suctioned cups are pushed across the skin, the muscles beneath respond to the increased blood flow by relaxing and relieving tight areas of tension along the back and shoulders.

Electro Acupuncture

Think of this treatment as a “boost” to the beneficial effects of traditional acupuncture. Whether you’d just like to experience deeper pain relief during your session or find that scheduling an acupuncture session in Las Vegas is difficult on a busy schedule, the efficacy of electro acupuncture means that it also requires less time to perform. If you’re curious how electro acupuncture will work for your particular pain relief and relaxation needs, give our Vegas acupuncture office a call today to schedule your first visit.

Heat Therapy

When you’re sore or tired, it’s natural to seek out heat to help with pain relief. A hot shower, a hot bath, a heating pad – the relationship between comfort and warmth is natural and an almost unconscious response when we’re in pain. At Lok Acupuncture, we recognize the healing power of heat and are pleased to offer it alongside many of our traditional alternative therapies.


Part of the journey to holistic wellness is giving your body the tools it needs to repair and support itself, including dietary supplements. Once you’ve been examined and diagnosed at your first visit, we can offer advice and suggestions as to what supplements will work best for your needs. Herbal extracts, vitamins and other non-prescription solutions will help your body heal itself and allow you to feel healthier and stronger overall.

At our Las Vegas acupuncture clinic, you’ll receive the care and alternative therapies you need to live a healthy, pain free lifestyle. You deserve it, so let Lok Acupuncture help you achieve it! Call us today at (702) 732-0178.