Safe, Drug-Free Plantar Fasciitis Care

Safe, Drug-Free Plantar Fasciitis Care from Our Las Vegas Acupuncturist

Tired, aching feet is never a welcome situation, but if your foot and pain have become a chronic daily burden, your entire way of life may be in jeopardy. Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue that reinforces the arches of the feet, can be caused by a variety of issues — and Western medicine sometimes fails to resolve it. That’s why you’ll be delighted to learn that our Las Vegas acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Lok, can treat your plantar fasciitis quite effectively through the ancient technique of acupuncture.

The Pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Your feet must maintain your balance and support your body’s full weight. Their arches help make that delicate balancing act possible and the plantar fascia adds essential support to those arches. But long hours of walking or standing, ill-fitting shoes, obesity, injuries and/or musculoskeletal alignment problems can cause this band of tissue to sustain numerous tiny injuries, producing constant inflammation and heel pain. The pain of plantar fasciitis is at its worst when you first get on your feet after a period of rest.

Specific Points for Targeted Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine can often succeed in treating cases of plantar fasciitis that haven’t responded to Western medical techniques. Specific acupuncture points that address liver and kidney imbalances (which are associated with heel pain in TCM) can be stimulated to relieve discomfort, aided by the needling of additional points on the calf, the heel, and the ball of the foot. Acupuncture can provide relief, and we can repeat it as needed to keep your feet feeling good.

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