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How Can Acupuncture Help With Better Sleep Month?

This May is ‘Better Sleep Month’, and we here at Peter Lok Acupuncture are shining light on the sleep deficiencies that have become so common among American adults. Unfortunately, poor sleep does more than just make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning – it can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health. In fact, insomnia can raise the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart problems and obesity, as well as increase inflammation in the body.

Many people who have insomnia are aware of the condition, though some may experience sleeplessness in different ways than others. The most obvious signs of insomnia are difficulty falling asleep, frequently awakening during the night, or waking too early. However, some people have less noticeable symptoms, such as daytime tiredness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, depression, and anxiety. While they may not have trouble falling asleep, these symptoms can appear as a result of a distorted or incomplete sleep cycle.

Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment in Las Vegas

Instead of relying on sleeping pills to fall asleep, we recommend taking a more natural approach to insomnia treatment – acupuncture. Here at Peter Lok Acupuncture, we have treated many people for sleeplessness using acupuncture to address the underlying cause of the condition. Acupuncture has been shown to improve sleep quality by increasing melatonin production in people with anxious thoughts. It can also help reduce or eliminate discomfort in people who have difficulty falling asleep due to chronic pain.

Acupuncture treatment involves the placement of very fine needles along special pressure points and meridians across the body. Treatment typically involves little or no discomfort, yet it helps to restore the balance of ‘qi’ and release pressure on the central nervous system. After a few treatment sessions, many people report better sleep and a better sense of overall health and wellness.

Do you have insomnia? If so, what do you do to manage the condition?

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