How Acupuncture Works

Dr. Lok Explains: How Acupuncture Works

Studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can have many positive effects. Acupuncture can cause the activation of pathways and act upon systems within the brain and its peripheral nervous structures. One important point of focus has been endogenous opioids, as they apply to acupuncture analgesia. Much evidence supports the theory that opioid peptides are activated by acupuncture and that their effects can be observed. Opioid antagonists like naloxone counteract acupuncture’s analgesic effects further strengthening the idea. Acupuncture can also stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, instantiating in a wide range of effects. There is evidence that beneficial alterations in immune function can also be produced.

Despite efforts to understand the physiology of “acupuncture points,” the characteristics of these points remain controversial. More elusive still is the scientific underpinning of key Eastern medical concepts such as Qi, the meridians, and other theories which are not recognized by mainstream western science.

Ancient Knowledge of Acupuncture in Las Vegas

According to traditional practitioners, acupuncture is a method of altering and optimizing the flow of a life force known as Qi, or Chi on which living beings rely for good health. The idea, similar to chiropractic medicine, is about restoring the natural flow of this living energy within the body of the patient. While mainstream medicine still refuses to recognize this theory, the results remain measurably positive.

It’s important to note that for any healing intervention, including acupuncture, “non-specific” effects invariably account for a great deal of the positive results. Thus, they cannot be easily discounted. A wide range of factors can come into play to determine the ultimate therapeutic outcome of acupuncture, including the character and quality of the relationship between the patient and the clinician. The patient’s expectations, the level of trust and belief in the efficacy of the treatment will serve as strong determining factors in the effectiveness of any medical treatment.

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