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What is acupuncture? This ancient technique, first practiced by Chinese doctors thousands ofyears ago, is a method of correcting imbalances within the body without drugs or surgery. Ancient practitioners identified a series of pathways, or “meridians,” that routed energy through the body; impedances in this energy flow produced illness or pain. They learned how to insert fine needles into specific meridians to return the energy flow to normal. Modern physicians see meridians as nerve pathways, with the insertion of needles releasing natural pain relievers called endorphins.

What does it treat? Since this technique can zero in on hundreds of different points along the nervous system, it can treat a wide range of conditions. Our Las Vegas acupuncturist, Dr. Lok, may prescribe it for the treatment of chronic pain conditions, soft tissue injuries, neurological disorders, digestive complaints, reproductive system problems, obesity, breathing problems, and chemical dependency or other psychiatric issues. Treatments may be administered by themselves or alongside other medical therapies where indicated.

Does it hurt? It is natural to assume that the insertion of needles might be painful, but the needles we use are so fine that you may feel a slight pinch or, more likely, nothing at all. Meanwhile, the needles’ ability to release your body’s endorphins means that you are likely to feel less pain during and after the procedure than you had going in — which is the whole point. We seek to relieve pain, not to cause it!

What can I expect from a treatment session? Our Las Vegas acupuncturist will examine your medical circumstances and answer any questions you may have before proceeding. While you may experience some relief from symptoms after your very first session, we usually prescribe multiple sessions so your body can receive the full benefit of the treatment.

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