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Our Las Vegas Acupuncturist Treats Vertigo

If you suffer from the spinning sensations and sickening disorientation of vertigo, your alarm may be compounded by the inability of standard treatment methods to get the problem under control. If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved to know that our Las Vegas acupuncturist at Peter Lok Acupuncture can successfully treat vertigo.

Understanding Vertigo

Many people use the term “vertigo” as a catch-all to describe dizzy spells or other forms of disorientation, but this is incorrect. Vertigo tends to be a more intense, specific sensation than other issues that might be characterized more generally as dizziness. Sufferers feel that their environment is spinning around them, that their own bodies are spinning, or even that the inside of the head is doing the spinning. These sensations understandably lead to nausea, vomiting and balance problems.

Vertigo is frequently related to dysfunction of the vestibular system, the structures and fluids of the inner ear that govern your sense of balance. Acute bouts of vertigo may be associated with a misalignment between the head and neck, a condition sometimes resolved through chiropractic care. But vertigo that doesn’t respond to such treatment is most likely a job for our Las Vegas acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Lok.

Acupuncture and Vertigo

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes many possible causes of chronic or persistent vertigo. These may correspond to abnormalities in liver Qi flow, spleen (blood) deficiency and kidney deficiency. An increase of phlegm indicates a possible digestive inefficiency that may also contribute to vertigo symptoms.

Our Las Vegas acupuncturist will administer a detailed physical examination to determine the underlying imbalances producing your vertigo, enabling us to prescribe a holistic healing program that suits your specific needs. Multiple acupuncture sessions, combined with cupping, herbal remedies, nutritional counseling and other natural treatments, can help us get this complex problem under control so you can move, sleep, work and play without experiencing “the spins.” Call Peter Lok Acupuncture at (702) 732-0178 for an initial consultation!

When did you experience your first attack of vertigo? What kind of care did you receive?

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