Electric Stimulation Therapy

Electric Stimulation TherapyElectrical stimulation, also known as E-Stim, is a new treatment we are proud to offer at Lok Acupuncture Clinic, Ltd. This treatment is ideal for patients seeking pain relief, recovery from injury, and ailments that may be resistant to conventional medicine. Research indicates that even patients who suffer from strokes, muscle atrophy, chronic pain conditions, and nerve-related pain may also respond quite well to electrical stimulation therapy.

How does E-Stim Work?

Electric stimulation works by delivering controlled electric pulses into the targeted area, either an injury or source of pain. These pulses mimic your body’s natural signals and cause the muscles and nerves within the area to respond and begin healing.

In cases of injury, this technique is especially beneficial as the signals can cause the muscles to contract repeatedly, improving blood flow and eventually assisting in the repair and recovery of the injured area.

Electric stimulation can also be used to target nerves and block pain receptors for patients who experience chronic pain or are affected by certain nerve conditions.

Types of Electric Stimulation

There are two commonly used forms of electric stimulation therapy:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – This treatment option can be used to treat both severe chronic pain and acute pain. During this form of electric stimulation, the electrodes are applied to the skin near the source of pain. The pulses target your nerve cells in the surrounding area and work to block pain receptors.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – This treatment option is considered more potent and targets the muscles. The electrodes are placed in the targeted area and used to make the muscle flex and increase the blood flow. Besides improving muscle strength, repetitive muscle movement assists in the recovery and healing of the particular wound or injury in the area.

Electric stimulation is not only used in these two methods. There are other ways to use electric stimulation to better your health. For example, Electrical Stimulation for Tissue Repair (ESTR) can be used to reduce swelling and increase blood circulation in your body. Other practitioners may also use Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to address muscle atrophy and muscle spasms.

A Typical Session

At the start of your appointment, the electrodes will be placed on your skin above the targeted area. These electrodes are typically in the form of small sticky pads attached to wires. Sessions generally last between 5 to 15 minutes but may vary depending on the severity of your condition. It is not uncommon for several pads to be used at once.

During treatment, you should not feel any discomfort at all, but you may experience skin irritation following treatment from where the electrodes were placed.

At first, the current is set at the lowest setting and gradually increased to the desired pace. This pace is discussed during your initial consultation and is entirely under control. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please let us know so that we can make adjustments during your treatment.

The electric stimulation will work at strengthening the muscles, while nerve pulses stimulate the body to naturally begin producing more of the pain-relieving endorphin chemicals in the body. Many patients report feeling the benefits of treatment long after their session is completed.

For more information on electric stimulation and how you can benefit from treatment, contact Lok Acupuncture Clinic, Ltd. today at (702) 732-0178.

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