Suffering From Tremors? Peter Lok Acupuncture in Las Vegas Can Help

Tremors aren’t just annoying or embarrassing; for many individuals contending with this problem on a constant basis, tremors can prove downright debilitating. Involuntary shaking of the extremities, voice, head or elsewhere may be a side effect of anxiety, or it may be connected with a neurological disease or even a nutritional deficiency.

Whatever the cause of your tremors, you’ll be relieved to know that Peter Lok Acupuncture in Las Vegas offers safe, effective treatments to help you get those disturbing tremors under better control.

Causes and Types of Tremors

Tremors may “just happen” to practically anyone from time to time. Extreme exertion that exhausts a muscle, for instance, may make that muscle temporarily shaky. Other tremors or twitches may be due to temporary nerve compression or irritation. But when the tremors become a continuous presence in your daily life, you may be suffering from a particular underlying condition that calls for treatment.

Anxiety is one common cause of tremors, as the “fight or flight” adrenalin reaction causes muscle tension, spasms, shaking and cramping. Tremor may also be a sign of Parkinson’s disease or similar nerve diseases. If your tremors began after the age of 40 for no discernible reason, then you may be one of the many sufferers of a problem called essential tremor. Essential tremor is especially noticeable when trying to perform manual tasks such as writing or holding silverware. Yet another issue called dystonic tremor may affect the voice, head or trunk as well as the extremities.

How Acupuncture and TCM Can Reduce Your Symptoms

While Western medicine tends to focus on dispensing drugs and/or manipulating neurotransmitter levels to control tremors, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes a broader approach based on ancient principles of diagnosing and treating the core imbalances behind your symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Our acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Lok, will perform an extensive TCM examination, including evaluations of your tongue and pulse, to understand where your essential imbalances lie. Tremors are commonly associated with a generation of what TCM calls “interior wind,” which in turn often points toward imbalances of the Liver and Kidney-essence. Needling at specific acupuncture points can normalize depleted yin in the liver and kidneys. Herbal supplements may help tremors caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is well known for its power to treat anxiety. If your tremors are anxiety-based, you may benefit from needling or acupressure manipulation:

  • In the neck
  • At the shoulders
  • Inside the elbows
  • In the forearm or wrist
  • Between the thumb and index finger
  • At the “Third eye Point” on the forehead
  • On the chest

Schedule Acupuncture for Tremors in Las Vegas

If you’re ready to gain firmer control over your body and quality of life, then you’re ready to schedule acupuncture for tremors in Las Vegas. Contact (702) 732-0178 for an initial consultation and evaluation so we can determine the right treatment strategies for your individual condition and needs!