Sports Injury Treatment From Our Las Vegas Acupuncturist

Sidelined by a sports injury? Any joint or soft tissue damage can wreak havoc on your finely tuned machine, especially if certain body parts are crucial to your sport. That’s why our Las Vegas acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Lok, is ready to help you find a natural and effective solution. Whether you had a sudden sports injury or you have long-term damage that isn’t healing, acupuncture care is an all-natural way to find relief and get back to the activities you love.

At Lok Acupuncture Clinic, we use acupuncture to reduce pain and inflammation, making it possible to restore your wellness, strength, and range of motion after a sports injury. We may also supplement your care with herbal supplements, heat therapy, cupping, and other holistic ways to promote healing and boost your overall quality of life.

Common Sports Injuries

So, which sports injuries can be treated with acupuncture? Our acupuncturist helps treat two main types of sports-related injuries: acute and chronic. Acute injuries happen suddenly during athletic activity, often because of unexpected force or unnatural twisting and turning.

We use acupuncture care to treat a variety of acute sports injuries in Las Vegas, including:

  • Sprains and Strains – Your muscles, ligaments, and joints work together, so sudden sprains and strains to the soft tissue may affect your ability to use your joints at all
  • Other Soft Tissue Damage – ACL tears are among the most famous and debilitating soft tissue injuries, but falls, collisions, and even accidental movements can cause bruising and tearing that results in long-term inflammation

Chronic injuries, on the other hand, happen gradually because of repetitive movements (such as swinging, kicking, or running). Over time, these movements may put unnatural stress on your joints or soft tissue, resulting in damage that can be just as painful and debilitating as any sudden injury. Here are some of the chronic sports injuries we treat:

  • Runner’s Knee – Dull, chronic knee pain and clicking or grinding sounds may be symptoms of this common, chronic condition, which can be treated with acupuncture
  • Tennis Elbow – Another condition caused by repetitive force to the joints, this painful condition may cause inflammation that prevents healing until it is treated
  • Nerve and Soft Tissue Damage – Over time, inflammation or misalignment can cause long-term damage to your nerves, muscles, ligaments, and more.

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No matter how – or how suddenly – your sports injury happened, acupuncture care may be part of your path toward healing. Call (702) 732-0178 today to request an appointment for acupuncture care in Las Vegas. Our entire wellness team looks forward to helping you meet your athletic and wellness goals.