Treating and Managing Shingles in Las Vegas

Developing an uncomfortable itching sensation or a sharp and uncomfortable pain raises a cause for concern about your health and well-being. As men and women age, their immune system weakens and certain health conditions develop. Among the concerns that may occur as part of the aging process is shingles.

What Are Shingles?

Shingles refers to the reactivation of the virus associated with chicken pox, or herpes zoster. The early symptoms of the condition usually seem similar to the flu or cold. It may cause a fever, headache and sensitivity to light. Over time, you may notice an uncomfortable itching or tingling sensation. In most cases, you will notice a rash develop in a small area or in a strip across an area of your body.

Some individuals experience a sharp or uncomfortable pain with the condition. As the rash worsens, you will usually notice the pain also worsens. Eventually, it results in an uncomfortable blistering and scabbing before the rash clears up.

Treatment Options for Shingles

When you visit Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas, Dr. Peter Lok evaluates the severity of your symptoms before offering an appropriate treatment plan. At our clinic, we provide a combination of treatments based on holistic and alternative therapies.

We may suggest acupuncture as a part of your treatment, but we also provide appropriate recommendations for diet, exercise and medication to assist with the symptoms associated with the condition. Ultimately, each person goes through a personalized treatment plan based on their specific needs. We evaluate your concerns and situation before Dr. Peter Lok works out a plan of action for your goals and health.

When to Talk to a Professional about Shingles

Although the rash from shingles will usually clear up over time, the pain and itching of the active stage of the condition may cause severe discomfort. You will want to talk to a professional when your symptoms worsen, you develop a high fever or you notice that the rash spreads.

You also want to talk to a professional when the pain increases to a severe level and you cannot ignore the pain. At Lok Acupuncture Clinic we offer holistic and natural treatments like acupuncture to reduce the pain and encourage natural healing processes. Acupuncture helps reduce pain from the active stage of the condition, or the acute pain, as well as any lingering pain after the blisters and scabs heal. We may also suggest traditional anti-viral medication treatments during the active stage of shingles when your symptoms remain severe or you have more severe levels of pain.

Visit Our Las Vegas Acupuncturist

Treating shingles ultimately depends on your needs and situation. Generally, we combine treatment strategies by incorporating acupuncture into the pain management plan while working on alleviating the symptoms of the condition. We evaluate your specific goals and needs before working on a realistic plan of action. To learn more about treating shingles with holistic treatment plans or to talk to Dr. Peter Lok about your specific situation, contact or call us at (702) 732-0178 set up an appointment today.