Acupuncture Relieves Neuropathy Pain Symptoms

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage and characterized by weakness, numbness and pain, typically in the hands and feet. Individuals with peripheral neuropathy may experience painful tingling and burning sensations in their extremities, along with the diminished loss of sensation; it may feel like you are constant wearing a glove, for example. While the exact cause for peripheral neuropathy varies from patient to patients, the condition is most closely associated with diabetes, traumatic injuries, infections, exposure to toxins and metabolic problems.

If you are suffering from neuropathy pain in Las Vegas, including diabetic neuropathy, Dr. Lok understands just how incredibly frustrating this condition can be. Our goal of treatment is two-fold: provide pain relief while also addressing the underlying cause that is triggering the neuropathy pain. If the underlying cause is corrected, neuropathy often improves on its own. Unfortunately, many approaches for pain management focus on relieving pain via medications containing opioids, anti-seizure medications or antidepressants. Dr. Lok understands that not all our patients feel comfortable taking these medications. The good news is that there are safe alternatives to medication. Acupuncture is an effective treatment option for managing pain associated with neuropathy, especially diabetic neuropathy.

Electro-Acupuncture Treats Diabetic Neuropathy

Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas offers electro-acupuncture therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that uses low-intensity electro-therapeutic currents for pain relief. Electro-acupuncture is a form of acupuncture treatment where a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles. This technique follows the same principles of acupuncture, which include stimulating specific meridians and pressure points along the body. Electroacupuncture uses two needles at time so that the impulses can pass from one needle to the other. Dr. Lok may also use several pairs of needles and stimulate these pairs simultaneously.

Studies show that electro-acupuncture has been shown to reduce or even fully eliminate the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. With long-term treatment, patients with diabetic neuropathy experience less pain. For example, the use of electro-acupuncture therapy to treat pressure points along the legs and lower back has been shown to increase energy circulation and help “wake up” these dysfunctional nerves.

While electro-acupuncture therapy can be beneficial for treating diabetic neuropathy, it is important to keep in mind that a comprehensive diabetes treatment program must also include dietary and lifestyle management. Dr. Lok offers non-pharmaceutical, natural supplements that align with the traditional principles of Chinese medicine. These natural supplements are available directly from our Las Vegas wellness center and include zinc, probiotics, green tea and a selection of other healthy supplements that promote good health from the inside out. This reflects our whole body approach to wellness care. We don’t believe in “covering up” symptoms – we believe in healing from the inside out.

If you are struggling with neuropathy pain, you may be a good candidate for acupuncture treatment. A diagnostic exam with our acupuncturist Dr. Lok will help us determine the right treatment protocols for your health needs. Schedule your appointment with Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas today at (702) 732-0178.