Imbalance Treatment With Acupuncture in Las Vegas

Your body requires the right balance of hormones, nutrients and physical health. Any time your body is out of balance for any reason, it contribute to discomfort you may experience and even causes physical injuries. “At Dr. Peter Lok” Acupuncture in Las Vegas, we help with imbalance and the potential challenges associated with the situation.

Las Vegas Acupuncturist Explains Imbalance?

Imbalance in Las Vegas refers to a situation leading to poor balance and a possibility of injuries due to falling. While some individuals may also experience dizziness and vertigo as a contributing factor, it does not always relate to feeling dizzy. Generally, it occurs as an individual ages or when a medical condition throws off an individual’s ability to stay balanced.

In other situations, imbalance may refer to a specific area of your health. For example, a hormone imbalance or electrolyte imbalance that may contribute to poor physical balance or health concerns. At our clinic, we identify the reasons for your poor balance and help address the underlying causes that may contribute to the injuries you experience.

How Does Acupuncture Help Improve Your Balance?

Acupuncture treatments help with balance by addressing the causes of imbalance. Traditional acupuncture treatments recognize that an individual’s energy plays a role in personal health. When the energy does not flow properly, it causes physical harm.

At our clinic, we offer acupuncture as a solution to help with imbalance. The treatments use thin needles at specific points in your body to help reduce the impact of poor balance and help your body heal. We also offer electro acupuncture, which sends an electric signal through your nerves to further improve your balance and your body’s natural communication.

When appropriate for your situation, we may recommend cupping to improve your blood circulation and encourage relaxation in your body. Since imbalance stems from multiple concerns and may relate to problems with your muscles, we help improve the situation by ensuring that your muscles remain relaxed and receive the oxygen required to function properly.

Supplementation also plays a key role in imbalance treatment at our clinic. In certain situations, imbalance relates to your diet and nutrition. When you have electrolyte imbalance or a lack of certain nutrients, it contributes to the underlying complications with balance. We use supplements to help with nutritional complications that impact your balance.

When Should You See an Acupuncturist?

An acupuncturist in our clinic helps with imbalance after evaluating your situation. We recommend visiting our Las Vegas clinic when you experience regular falls or problems with your balance. You should also consider treatment is the imbalance combines with dizziness or vertigo, since it may increase the risk of falling or injuries.

Poor balance is a complication that may arise when you take certain medications, as part of the aging process or due to a medical health concern. At Peter Lok Acupuncture, we offer treatment to help improve your balance by addressing the underlying causes of the problem. To learn more about acupuncture, call (702) 732-0178 today.