Our Las Vegas Acupuncturist Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders

The human gastrointestinal system is an enormously sophisticated structure that has a profound effect on every aspect of your well-being. When this assembly of intestines, digestive organs, and other components encounters problems that inhibit its normal function, you may experience everything from stomach complaints and bowel irregularities to skin, nail and hair problems. Fortunately, these imbalances can be corrected through the natural healing techniques developed over thousands of years and made available to you by our Las Vegas acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Lok.

Common Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system can be thought of as the nutritional distribution center for the entire body. Every nutrient you take in must be extracted from food sources and/or synthesized by the major digestive organs as they send the raw materials through the intestinal tract. This complex process, which ensures that each system and structure gets the nutrition it needs, actually involves more neurotransmitters than are found in the brain. It is little wonder, then, that a dysfunction in any part of the “machine” can cause serious health challenges. Some of the most common digestive problems seen by our Las Vegas acupuncturist include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Bloating
  • Reflux
  • Gastritis

Natural Digestive Treatments at Peter Lok Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that many causes of digestive issues can be diagnosed through a careful examination of the hair, nails, skin, and tongue. The color, shape, and blood vessels of the tongue can be especially helpful in pointing toward specific problems. Digestive symptoms can also provide clues to specific imbalances of qi (life energy) that need to be corrected. In the case of constipation, for example, a hard stool may indicate either insufficient or an imbalance between heat and fluids. Irritable bowel syndrome is often tied to problems with the liver qi that are impairing spleen and stomach function. These imbalances may originate from a combination of emotional stress, hasty eating habits, and a diet of overly-processed foods.

Once we understand the underlying nature of your digestive dysfunction, we can then administer the appropriate natural healing techniques to correct it. A combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture can address individual symptoms by restoring normal qi flow in the liver. Our Las Vegas acupuncturist can also slow down digestive peristalsis, relieving diarrhea and allowing the intestines to absorb more nutrients. Last but not least, Peter Lok Acupuncture can address the initial triggers that set off your digestive woes in the first place. We can treat anxiety and other nervous disorders, advise you on any dietary or lifestyle changes you may need to make, and educate you on how to watch for threats to your digestive wellness.

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