Acupuncture for Arthritis in Las Vegas

Chronic pain afflicts many people and affects more than physical well-being. It drains a person’s energy, eats away at the spirit and undermines the desire for a normal, productive life.

Unfortunately, there are many conditions that are accompanied by chronic pain, many of them treated with medication that causes its own set of problems.

Finding Relief for Arthritis in Las Vegas

Living with the chronic pain of arthritis is no laughing matter. In fact, recurrent small pains, continual stiffness and aches that don’t go away are a fact of life for nearly 40 million individuals in the United States. More than a quarter million are children. Pain also can vary from morning stiffness to pervasive aches to debilitating acute flare-ups. Whether simply uncomfortable or acute, arthritic pain can lead to loss of mobility, lack of productivity, unhappiness and depression, and other physical ailments, including weight loss, muscle weakness, deformed joints, fatigue, eye problems, tenderness and inflammation and involvement of other organs.

Arthritis is an “umbrella term,” referring to more than 100 different conditions, each with a menu of different symptoms. Osteoarthritis is commonly viewed as a normal consequence of aging, although with proper nutrition and exercise, there is some evidence that it does not have to be so. However, approximately 21 million people have been diagnosed with it. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder, and a very different disease, frequently treated with potent drug “cocktails.” In general, there is no cure for arthritis, although its accompanying pain can often be alleviated.

Acupuncture as a Treatment in Las Vegas

An increasing number of patients who suffer from arthritic pain report finding relief through an ancient technique. Acupuncture is a generally painless procedure that encourages the body to produce its own pain-fighting endorphins. It is practiced by trained professionals, and involves the insertion of thin sterile needles at specific points on the body. The historical Chinese technique is frequently employed in conjunction with Western medical procedures including drug therapy, and also as an adjunct to massage, chiropractic treatment, hypnotherapy and diet modification.

Its use is considered minimally invasive, and is generally free of complications; in fact, acupuncture is often covered by insurance.

Nevada was the first state in the union to approve acupuncture for medical treatment in 1973. Today there are approximately 6,500 licensed acupuncturists in the United States, and more than 3,000 physicians include acupuncture as a part of comprehensive medical practice. In addition, the World Health Association has compiled a list of more than 40 diseases and conditions that can benefit from the treatment.

Local Expert

Our local acupuncturist Dr. Peter Lok is the son of the renowned professor and practitioner largely credited with the approval of acupuncture in Nevada. If you suffer from arthritis, or from another form of chronic pain caused by migraines, neck and lower back pain, musculoskeletal complaints, even recurrent conditions like tennis elbow or bursitis, contact Lok Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas at (702) 732-0178 to schedule an appointment. Let’s see if we can “needle” you to better health.