An Acupuncture Specialist Can Help with Imbalance

An Acupuncture Specialist in Las Vegas Can Help with Imbalance

With 35 years in business, performing acupuncture and other natural health and wellness treatments, we can offer you expertise, experience, and compassionate care. At Lok Acupuncture Clinic, Dr. Peter Lok and the rest of our acupuncture team care about your well-being, which certainly includes feeling a sense of balance.

You may best know about acupuncture as a form of pain relief and as a treatment to help bolster the immune system, but our acupuncture specialist in Las Vegas also works with many patients who experience imbalance and problems that accompany the condition.

Why Do Acupuncture Patients Experience Imbalance Issues in Las Vegas?

Most commonly experienced as dizziness or unsteadiness, faintness, or loss of balance, imbalance occurs in the inner ear where the inner ear and nerves are not functioning properly. This disruption in  the nerves leads to an interruption of your brain’s ability to correctly sense motion. Some extreme cases cause suffers to experience extreme dizziness, and even vomiting. In some cases, imbalance problems appear like mental disturbances, making the patient seem mentally unstable when it is simply an inner ear issue.

How Can Acupuncture Help with Imbalance Issues?

Dr. Lok’s commitment to continually following the latest acupuncture innovations to help patients find relief and a better quality of life. He has found unique ways to incorporate this ancient healing method into 21st century treatments with great success for our loyal patients. Dr. Lok understands that your issues may not come up on an X-ray reading and that there are other forces at work in the body that he can tap into with this respected ancient treatment technique.

Acupuncture uses long thin needles to help to remove the blockages in these key energy pathways, called “qi.” Acupuncture helps to release the proper hormones and endorphins that help your body to heal.

We hope you will call us to learn more about how Dr. Lok can help with acupuncture techniques.

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